This incredible dog breed defines and summarizes a combination of passions but it is mainly the vivid image if its creator: Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. In the capital city of Cordoba, Argentina, a man is born on November 18th 1908. He was going to be one of the most prestigious surgeons South America, but his name was known and famous because of his big work: “El Dogo Argentino”. Being a big lover of hunting and dog-breeding, a restless traditionalist and, above all, a great scientist he lived his youth with a great inquisitiveness: being able to summarize and concentrate a combination of virtues from incredible and different dogs into one special dog breed.

That is why his work has that scientific quality which would deserve numerous publications from great scientists and geneticists of the time, where it could not be understood how, in such a short time, a young dog breed could have such a genetic stability. Much of his work was left written but a big part went with him when he died in the prime of life, even though he died as he desired: hunting in the hills.